About us

With so many brands - why should you choose Sky-Hero?

  • Designed, Prototyped, Tested & Serviced from Belgium (Europe).

  • Used worldwide by both Professional
    and Recreational pilots.

  • Brand of choice for many Flight Schools.

  • Often imitated, but never equalled!

  • Sleek, futuristic and aerodynamic Design.

  • Windy weather capability.

  • Easy to Repair and Customize.

  • Probably the most beautiful in the world!

  • Carbon based frame for extra strength and Crash resistance


Max Seigal - National Geographic Photographer

"I love my Sky-Hero Little Spyder... Not only is the design elegant and very captivating,
but it flies like a dream. Super smooth operation, and very responsive. It allows me 
to capture some amazing video content and its sleek design always turns heads! 
It doesn't get any better than Sky-Hero!"

Brian Morris - Professional Pilot 

"The best thing about the Sky-Hero's are their durability.
I fly agresive low FPV and have hit trees, fences and the ground too many times to count.
The usual repair bill is zero to four props and everything on the airframe stays intact.
It's awesome to fly a solid machine in the air that also stays together when things go wrong.
That means less time fixing and more time flying which is what we all want to do anyway."

Nik Johnson - Professional Speaker (World Competition) 

"Sky-Hero Little Spyder: I want to say how impressed I am with both the quality and
workmanship of my awesome Sky-Hero Little Spyder.
It came ready mad out of the box so all I needed to do was install the electronics,
GPS and receiver system then it was ready to go to fly. 
I have to say the instructions didn't really help with installation and
room was very tight but once worked out it was fine. 
I would certainly advise this brand of machine to both intermediate and
professionals and if you're the type who wants top quality aerial cinematography 
then I can't think of a better choice to recommend."

Mathias Fischer - Professional Pilot

"There are a lot of manufacturer and types of multi rotor copter available on the market but for me there was only one choice: Sky-Hero. The reason is obvious and very easy. The quality, durability and reliability is very high which is due to the quality of the materials and in summary this is the point which makes them indestructible in the air and in a lot of cases on the ground as well. Building the copter brings a lot of fun and is absolutely entertaining you because all parts fitting exactly.  Another big point for me to join Sky-Hero is they have a great design which was often copied in the last time what means the design is leading the way.  They are innovative and suitable for daily use from fun flying up to very professional application with heavy and expensive payloads. I only can recommend these copters with my full confidence. The Hero Factory is rocking the limits of the world and I'm very proud to be a part of the Sky-Hero family."

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