Loki Mk2 provides police officers and soldiers with immediate capabilities to detect, reduce and clear threats in complex terrain such as dense urban areas, confined spaces and underground passages.

The new autopilot has been developed to ease the control without the need for training. The precise position holding of the drone in GPS denied and low light environments allows the operator to perform his mission with complete peace of mind.

As an operational support tool, Loki Mk2 offers the command post different dependable methods of analysis, exploitation and diffusion of videos. With extreme performance in most light conditions the camera allows users to track and anticipate target movements. The zero latency and the guaranty of no frozen images enables reliable and rapid situational awareness for precise decision making. The encryption of both video signals and the flight commands ensures maximum security in all use cases

Embodying qualities that made its predecessor the dominant drone in the field, Loki Mk2 shall allow any operator to easily make the most of an effective, innovative resource which has been developed with the safety of the users in mind.

Precise position holding without GPS network in the dark
Intuitive and simplified piloting using automatic altitude and speed control functions
AES256 encryption implemented in the telemetry and control command signals
Night vision 0.00008lux, EO/IR
Analogue video and audio signal scrambled via FPGA, no lag nor frozen images
Integrated connector for additional payloads, sensors and actuators
Listen before talk on audio-video frequencies
Automatic pairing (RC – Drone)
Front and central IR LED systems adapting to all environments with variable power (0-100%)
Hand launch take-off, assisted landing
Turtle mode allowing the drone to flip over automatically should it find itself on its back
Complete telemetry data, performance indicators for sensors, estimated remaining flight time on display
Main structure made of highly resistant polycarbonate

Ultra compact, slides easily into one’s pocket or holster
Optimized ergonomics, simplified user interface
Integrated antennas, control components, all aspects completely flush with outer structure
Simultaneous control and piloting of 4 drones
AES256 encrpyted UHF transmission 868-915MHz
Doubled and diversified audio-video receptors, scrambled on 8 bits
Audio-video RCA input & output
Multi GCS cooperative mode (wired or wireless)
5 inch gorilla glass protected screen with both anti-scratch and anti-glare treatment
No cellular network, GPS, applications or smartphones required